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Productivity Explosion!

What is the best kept secret to improving company productivity?  It is possible to achieve 10 fold increases in productivity following a very simple approach.

Healthcare Operations Management

Olson Institute founder John Olson, Ph.D. has published the third edition of their popular textbook Healthcare Operations Management.

How to do a perfect physical inventory of stock in a warehouse?

A well run physical inventory can actuall lead to a productivity gain for many organizaitons.

Big Data Trends

The evolution of big data and business analytics continues at a rapid pace as its influence grows in every sector. Let’s explore current trends in big data and what they portend for the future.

How Organizations Drive Success with Big Data

Big data analytics by other names has been in use for 60+ years dating back to analysis of large spreadsheets to look for trends and insights. The exponential increase in data accumulation in the last decade and greater speed and efficiency to analyze it has birthed a new era in big data analytics that is worthy of the name.

Why is Lean and Six Sigma Relevant Today

The best practices in any industry are based on timeless principles, and that is why Lean and Six Sigma, or the integrated Lean Six Sigma, remain relevant options for businesses today. Here’s a refresher on Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma and the benefits of pursuing continuous, measurable improvement with the elimination of variants and defects that waste resources and repel customers.