Healthcare Operations Management

Olson Institute founder John Olson, Ph.D. has published the third edition of their popular textbook Healthcare Operations Management.

Lower your cost through effective operations

The ability to effectively manage the operations center for a healthcare organization is an ever-growing challenge.  The rising costs associated with healthcare delivery has made profitability a near impossibility. Effective operations management aligned with the organizational strategy can be a source of competitive advantage and patient satisfaction.  

From the Textbook Publisher

American College of Healthcare Executives

The answers to many of the dilemmas faced by the US healthcare system, such as increasing costs, inadequate access, and uneven quality, lie in organizational operations – the nuts and bolts of healthcare delivery. Leading healthcare organizations have begun to employ the programs, techniques, and tools of operations improvement that industries outside of healthcare have successfully used for decades.

Healthcare Operations Management aims to help healthcare management students and working professionals find ways to improve the delivery of healthcare, with its complex web of patients, providers, reimbursement systems, physician relations, workforce challenges, and intensive government regulation. Taking an integrated approach, the book puts the tools and techniques of operations improvement into the context of healthcare so that readers learn how to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of tomorrow's healthcare system.

Thoroughly revised and updated, this edition includes:

A new chapter on big data and analytics for fact-based decision making

More Excel examples to demonstrate the use of this prime analytics tool

New case studies and exercises

Expanded information on innovation and new approaches to care delivery

With its plentiful examples, guidelines to software tools, and emphasis on contemporary healthcare management issues, this book provides current and future healthcare professionals alike with a broad foundation for implementing operational improvements in their organizations.