Olson Institute focuses on solving challenging business problems and building robust solutions allowing companies to realize their full potential and profitability. Our clients have reported tremendous gains through our innovative approach to organizational improvement.

Communication System Inc.

Communication Systems INC is a leader in providing physical connectivity infrastructure and services for global deployments of broadband networks. CSI launched an initiated an effort to transform the culture of the organization to become focused on continuous improvement and making decisions through essential analytics.

Suttle: A High Variety and Low Volume Production Challenge

The challenge of transitioning to a production environment that has short production runs with a high degree of product customization is one of the more difficult tasks facing many manufacturing companies.

Transformation of an OR

Reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of a surgery suite is one of the more complex operational challenges in all of business. Olson Institute helped to improve the flow of an operation suite at a large regional hospital. An analytical model was constructed to demonstrate the how to target improvements in the system. Then the Olson Institute co-implemented a practical solution based on the model.

Unintended Consequences of Lean

While lean systems will make the flow of an organization better and improve cash flow there can be some unintended consequences if left ignored.