Accelerated Operations

Using targeted information from our essential analytics process, Olson Institute will help craft an operational improvement program that will yield operational, financial and system results quickly.

Lean Builds Quality

21st Century Lean Builds Quality and Speed Into Your Processes

Our processes focus on techniques that have demonstrated success for many organizations. Together we will craft a plan that will maximize the full potential of your facilities. We will help accomplish your goals by customizing programs using the following techniques.

  • Lean Consulting
  • Six Sigma Consulting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • ISO audit
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Cost Reduction
  • Lowering Energy Costs

Data Driven Improvement

Connecting your quality improvement efforts to your essential analytics ensures maximum profitability and impact to your overall operations. systems. Whether in supply chain, production floor or customer management, the connection to your essential analytics will drive performance.

Structured Project Management

A systematic approach leads to improvement. To be successful, any organization needs a roadmap. for success and the tools to execute the plan. The operations systems will systematically improve using our approach.

Top Down and Bottom Up

Your operations will improve from both a top-down design and the bottom-up approach. All great improvement systems are owned by the whole organization. Employees will be given the skill set necessary to take ownership of the continuous improvement process.

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