Lean Consulting

At Olson Institute we have a unique approach to using LEAN within the organization.  Our approach accelerates the impact to bottom line and improvements to culture.

Lean Consulting Services

Are you experiencing difficulties with on-time delivery, too much inventory, poor quality and slow production times?   At Olson Institute we offer lean consulting services for both manufacturing and healthcare applications to solve these complex problems. 

What makes our Lean approach different that other companies?

Our approach is unique when compared to other lean consulting services.  We focus on using data and developing good measurements to target our lean opportunities to maximize your bottom line results.  In our experience too many consulting companies focus on the introduction of lean to their organization and not the sustainability of the initiative.  We believe both operational and financial results are critical to achieving long term success.  Building a culture of continuous improvement requires support from management, operational and financial results, and ownership from the people involved.  That ownership often comes by those individuals seeing a direct impact to their paycheck.

Think that a consulting firm costs too much money?

We also think consulting firms cost too much money.  Most consultants focus on doing just enough to stay employed by the company.  We believe in our process so much that we guarantee results. 

Is your firm ready to begin the journey?

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