Essential Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights! In the sea of data it can be difficult to determine what is critical to run your business. Olson Institute will help you find the essential data that will allow your organization to make better business decisions. We’ll help you build for your future and leap past the competition.

Turn data into insight

Turn Data Into Insight

Olson Institute believes that organizations need to understand the analytics that drive their business. Together we will co-develop analysis and strategy that will drive your company forward.

We utilize the most current thinking in help designing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models.

    Data and analytics roadmaps
  • Supply Chain and Vendor Analysis
  • Core dashboards and decision tools
  • Advanced analytics in S&OP processes
  • Forecasting Models
  • Simulation Models

Data Analysis

Using best in class technique we can transform data into action. Whether looking at Supply Chain data or Google Analytics data we will help build models that will lead to financial results. Advanced forecasting models, supply chain spend analysis and predictive models are just a few we have deployed.

Dashboard Visualization

The language of communication is visualization. Most visualizations are very difficult to understand and utilize. Our focus is helping you design simple, repeatable visualizations that allow for better decision making.

Real Time Information

Getting information in a timely fashion can sometimes make the difference between success and failure. Our team will help you establish a data strategy and then help construct the mechanisms that best communicate that data.

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